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Timesheet & Projects Management

Timesheet & Projects Management

MSPM Project & Billing Edition provides the leading cloud-based timesheet software for today’s project-based globally dispersed service businesses.

MSPM manages your billable projects from bid to bill. MSPM  is a workflow-driven project billing solution with configurable cost and billing rules and certified integrations with your CRM and accounting systems. MSPM  automates time and expense reporting, project billing and invoicing, reporting and analytics.

Manage your projects on-premise or on-demand:

Without requiring a rip and replace strategy, MSPM software fully leverages the Open Source technology stack to facilitate your adoption of a project billing system.

MSPM  provides built-in project controls, data verification at point of entry, real-time analytics and live integration capabilities.

Key features of MSPM software include: enterprise timesheet management, expense reporting (multi currency, multi tax, credit import, cash advance management and more), enterprise billing (hourly, fixed, milestones and much more with full multi-currency support), project costing, budgeting, revenue recognition and revenue management, graphical workflow for approval and tracking, OLAP and standard reporting using MiddleSolution reporting technology, role-based dashboards, simple data exchange tools and interfaces, and much more.

Project billing for todays globally dispersed project workforce: Invest in a project billing tool that fully leverages your existing software investments. MSPM - Project & Billing Edition provides you with a best of breed cloud based project billing solution that is designed to meet the challenges of managing your globally dispersed customers and project workers who are operating in multiple remote locations, currencies, tax jurisdictions and time zones.