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Marketing Tracking Solutions

Marketing Tracking Solutions

MiddleSolution Marketing Tracking Solutions (MSMTS) Multi-channel Tracking, Attribution and Optimization for Brands
Empower your organization with the intelligence needed to clarify and optimize digital marketing spend to increase online sales and lead-generation efforts.

Data visualization gives advertisers the marketing intelligence needed to redirect digital marketing spend with confidence.

Multi-channel Tracking
Get the power and confidence to redirect marketing spend in real-time through deeper insight into the traffic driven by digital marketing channels, including search, display, email, social, mobile, video, affiliate, direct and shopping.

Multi-touch Attribution
Support multiple attribution models including engagement, linear, time decay, customized as well as first and last touch.

Reporting and Data Visualization
Identify top- and under-performing channels through data comparison and visualization, on a single dashboard. Customize reporting by user or segment, and share these views across your organization.

Track and manage the most common tasks and actions within a single interface. New integrations are introduced monthly.

Lead Generation and Distribution
Automated collection, validation and distribution of leads in real-time with
industry-leading tools.

Mobile Tracking
Track mobile and cookieless campaigns in parallel with all other channels in real-time through available SDK and helper files.